Why Metal Roofing Is a Great Choice This Winter

Winters in Maine can cause heavy wear on roofs. Having the right type of roof, however, can drastically change that. At Ridgeline Exteriors, our team of metal roofers is here to make sure that your roof is up to the challenge. With over 20 years of experience, our family-owned business takes pride in providing customers with the highest quality when it comes to service and workmanship. Here are just a few reasons why we recommend you consider metal roofing in an area with such extreme winter weather.


Energy Efficient

Keeping your home warm during the winter months is not just a preference, it is a must when you live in New England. But large amounts of the heat that you pump into your home is lost through your roof, costing you more in utility bills. Metal roofing can help with that since they create a better barrier, cutting down on heat loss. Additionally, traditional roofs can oftentimes accumulate ice-dam build up which can create uneven temperatures along your roof. Whereas metal roofs prevent ice dams and keep the temperature more consistent. This makes them by far the most energy efficient option.


Less Snow Build-Up

Every roof will allow snow accumulation to a certain extent, however excessive Snow build-up on your roof can lead to costly damages. With too much weight on your roof it can cause issues for the structure of your home as well which is expensive to repair. Metal roofs however provide the snow and ice with a more slippery surface allowing for less buildup. The snow is able to just slide right off.


Lightweight and Strong

Due to the lightweight nature of metal roofs they are not only easier to install but much faster as well. With traditional shingle roofing, installation is a lot more tedious and can cost you time. Whereas, metal roofs can be installed fairly quickly since they require less reinforcement since they are lighter. Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs are indeed stronger than your traditional roofing options as well. So you get the best of both worlds, they are lighter and stronger.


Let Ridgeline’s Metal Roofers Help

As you can see, having a metal roof this winter can make all the difference. At Ridgeline Exteriors, we’re happy to schedule an appointment to answer any questions you may have and begin your journey toward a metal roof! Let our team of metal roofers provide you with an array roofing options that are best suited for you!


Contact Ridgeline at (207) 432-0810 for more information about how our metal roofers can prepare you for the winter season.