Wet Seasons Mean Aggressive Algae Growth

As one of the top Biddeford roofing companies, our team at Ridgeline Exteriors often sees roofing concerns that homeowners generally don’t think about, algae growth, for instance. Although rain may not be a top concern for some, the continuous rain Maine has recently experienced wreaks havoc for others. Left untreated, algae growth can be one of the most harmful and damaging elements to your roof.

Plaguing any roof, algae, and lichen buildup are more common in shaded areas, regardless of the season. Naturally, a shaded roof has less opportunity to dry thoroughly – especially with back to back storms. Beyond the unsightly appearance, below are a few more significant concerns around algae on your roof.


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Let’s talk about expenses.

One of the most appealing reasons to address algae growth is the potential money it will cost left untreated. Beyond the unappealing staining it will cause, without the opportunity to fully dry, roof shingles will quickly become compromised. From deterioration to lifting, excessive moisture allows water penetration to occur, resulting in a range of undesirable effects.

For example, any time water is allowed to enter your home the structural integrity is in danger. From shingle deterioration to more severe issues, prepare for potentially steep repair expenses.

Health concerns.

Once the protective barrier between your roof and home is compromised, algae is enabled to spread freely. Should specific types of harmful algae enter the home, your family could potentially face adverse health effects. The impact can vary depending on the type of algal toxin present and the type of exposure.

How Biddeford roofing companies can help.

One of the fastest ways for professional roofers to address algae and mold growth is by installing zinc strips. These strips assist in the drying process. Thus, you have a solution that puts fungal concerns at bay while extending the life of your roof. However, it’s important to remember that every roofing system is different and should be approached differently.

While roofs are never a one-sized fits all solution, regular maintenance is always a good path. Whether DIY or calling in your trusted team of professionals, inspecting the shingles for damage or lifting, cleaning your gutters, and trimming any overhang from trees will help keep your roof in tip-top shape.


As one of the top Biddeford roofing companies, the experts at Ridgeline Exteriors can help you get the most from your investment. Providing the highest quality home roof installation services in the region, you can have peace of mind that our professionals will restore your roof to its glory.

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