Residential Exterior Services in Sanford, ME


The exterior of your home is made up of multiple systems all designed to protect what is inside. Without these functional exterior systems the structural integrity and the cozy furnishings inside would be at risk. The forces of nature are constantly challenging your home’s defenses, whether it be through wind, rain, hail or freezing temperatures. Ridgeline Exteriors has been installing, repairing and replacing these exterior pieces in the Sanford, ME area since 2011. We are a trusted source of knowledge and service in all matters pertaining to siding, windows, gutters and roofs. For more information about our unparalleled roofing services, visit our Roofing Experts page! To set up an inspection or consultation with a member of our trusted team call us today at (207) 432-0810!


The siding on your home protects the bare walls and enhances the outward appearance. Siding is available in many different materials, each with their own benefits. Ridgeline Exteriors will install, repair or replace any of the following types of residential siding.


Vinyl is extremely popular due to its affordability, low maintenance, and variety of styles.


Wood siding is a very desirable feature on a home due to its timeless aesthetic and durability. Wood is also a natural material which means it will need to be maintained to prevent deterioration. 


Brick makes for an extremely durable exterior and, like wood, has a timeless visual quality to it. Also like wood, brick is natural and will require sealing to prevent damage. 

House Siding

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a light, durable and versatile material. Like vinyl, it comes in a wide variety of styles. Fiber Cement is also extremely fire resistant which adds another layer of protection for your home. 


Ridgeline Exteriors installs, repairs and replaces exterior windows in all shapes, sizes and styles. Windows offer natural temperature control, which can have a big impact on your energy bills. Making sure your windows are properly sealed and maintained will protect your house and save you money.


Gutters control the flow of water runoff from the house. Instead of letting water run down the sides of the house and drip onto the foundation, gutters deliver the water safely to the ground away from the house. Ridgeline Exteriors offers repair, replace and installation services for residential gutters.