Ogunquit Roofing Companies: Summer Roof Maintenance

In New England, especially in Maine, winter weather can do a number on your roof. Ice, snow, and wind all damage your roof, and there’s not much you can do about it at the time. The solution to winter damage to your roof is to take preventative steps and perform necessary repairs in the summer. Ogunquit roofing companies are busy all year with summer roof repairs, and Ridgeline Roofing is no exception.


Ogunquit roofing companies can help you with maintenance and repairs, but there are things you can do yourself. Here are just a few.


Check for damage.

The first thing to do is visually inspect your roof for any obvious signs of damage. Missing or broken shingles, areas of standing water, cracks, and leaks are all signs of roof damage. There are areas of your roof that you won’t be able to see from the ground, so it’s a good idea to have a professional give it a full inspection.


Clean your gutters.

Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause rot, mold growth, and leaks. Cleaning out your gutters regularly prevents leaves, needles, and other debris from building up and forming clogs. Keep an eye out for granules in your gutters as well, as indicates that your shingles are deteriorating and should be replaced.


Trim nearby trees.

Trimming back trees near your roof helps it to dry out faster by exposing it to more sunlight. It also reduces the amount of leaves that fall onto your roof and into your gutters. If you have large branches that overhang your roof, there is also a risk that they will fall and cause severe damage.


Check ventilation and attic insulation.

Proper insulation ensures that air can flow under your roof and allow it to dry so that mold and decay do not set it. Check that vents are clear of debris to prevent excessive heat in your attic. You also want to ensure that your attic is adequately insulated. Attic insulation regulates the temperature of your attic and your home. It prevents your roof from getting too hot and reduces the cost of your energy bills.


Address moss and algae growth.

If you notice moss or algae growing on your roof, you should address it right away. It is usually a sign that your roof is staying damp. Clearing algae and moss off your roof prolongs the life of your shingles and prevents further roof damage.


Not all Ogunquit roofing companies are the same. Contact Ridgeline Roofing for your roof maintenance needs and see the difference!