How Ice Dams Damage Your Roof

Snow-covered roofs may look postcard-perfect, but they can pose a threat of major damage: ice dams. Ice building up on your roof can damage your roof, gutters, siding, and even your landscaping. Preventing and repairing damage from ice dams is a big part of what Maine roofing companies do, including our team at Ridgeline Exteriors.


Let’s start by looking at how ice dams form.


Melting Snow Turns to Ice

The ice that builds up along the edge of your roof started as snow. Because of the heat from your house, the lowest layers of snow started to melt first. The water from the melting snow then flows down to the edge of your roof, where it comes back into contact with temperatures that are below freezing. It freezes and begins to form an ice dam. As more snow melts and then freezes, the ice dam grows and reaches the point where it can severely damage your roof.


Expanding Ice Damages the Roof

Water expands as it freezes and turns to ice. If your gutters are full of water that then freezes, they will crack as the ice expands and presses against the gutters. In fact, ice dams can do more damage to your gutters than that. If part of the ice dam breaks off and falls, it can take part of your gutter system with it. That, in turn, will damage your eaves, roof, and siding on its way down.

Ice dams can also loosen and damage your shingles. Before the water freezes, it can get underneath your shingles and seep into the underlayment. When it freezes, the expansion can loosen your shingles and cause leaks. You never want to deal with a leaking roof, especially not in the winter when you have to contend with bitterly cold weather.


Prevent Ice Damage with Maine Roofing Companies

If you have had issues with ice dams in the past, consulting Maine roofing companies is the first step you should take to repair the damage. Protect your home and your family from ice and snow with our team at Ridgeline Exteriors.


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