3 Ways to Remove Snow From Your Roof

Removing snow from your roof is an important task to prevent damage to your home and roof. Doing this is also vital to ensure the safety of your family. This month, we’re talking about a few ways you can safely remove the snow from your roof, all while ensuring the protection of your roof’s quality. You can rely on our Maine roofers to give you the knowledge you need to protect your home this winter!


Why is it Important to Remove Snow From Your Roof?

If the snow accumulates, it can cause your roof to collapse. When the snow melts, it can also cause water damage to your home, such as leaks in the ceiling or walls. The weight of the snow can also damage your gutters, which can lead to further damage to your home. Additionally, if snow and ice dams form on your roof, it can cause water to seep into your home, causing damage to your walls, ceilings, and insulation.


Roof Rake

One of the simplest ways to remove snow from your roof is by using a roof rake. A roof rake is a rake with an extended rod that can extend enough to reach the roof to remove snow. This method is great for removing a small amount of snow and is best done while the snow is still fresh and fluffy.


Snow Blower

You can also use a snow blower to remove snow from your roof. This method is best for removing larger amounts of snow and is best to be done after a heavy snowfall. However, it’s important to use a snow blower specially designed for use on roofs. Regular snow blowers can damage the shingles.


Professional Snow Removal Services 

If you’re not comfortable removing snow from your roof yourself,  consider hiring a professional snow removal service. These companies have the proper equipment and experience to remove snow from your roof. They can also check for any damage that may have been caused by the snow that you may not be able to spot.


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