Maine Roofers: Prepare Your Roof for Fall

Fall is almost here, and fall comes with its own yard work and home maintenance challenges. One of those maintenance challenges is your roof. As Maine roofers, our team at Ridgeline Exteriors deals with all kinds of roofing materials and their unique maintenance needs. But no matter what kind of roof you have, there are some basic steps you can take to prepare it for fall. Some things you can do yourself, but others you might want to bring in an expert to take care of for you.

Here are three easy steps to get your roof ready for fall.


Clean Debris and Gutters

You might think that you want to clear your roof off after the fall, but you don’t want to put it off too late and have to contend with snow. What’s more, there’s plenty of debris that builds up on your roof and in your gutters throughout the rest of the year, too. High winds from storms in the summer drop leaves, needles, and twigs on your roof. In the spring, seeds from plants can float and drop into your gutters. You’ll want to clear off what’s already there before fall adds leaves to the mix.


Cut Back Tree Branches

You won’t be able to completely eliminate leaves on your roof, but you can cut down on them considerably. If you have trees near your house with branches that overhang your roof, you should cut them back. They can not only drop leaves on your roof, but they can also break off and fall on your house. This risk goes up in the winter when the branches are weighted down with snow.


Get an Inspection

There are lots of small issues with your roof that you probably won’t notice until they become major problems. To make it more difficult, you can’t see many of them from the ground. And most of us don’t relish the idea of climbing up on our roof and having a look around. Besides, we probably wouldn’t know what to look for. Hiring Maine roofers to give your roof a professional inspection is the best way to get ahead of roofing maintenance issues.


Ridgeline Exteriors: Professional and Experienced Maine Roofers

Your roof is the most important part of your home. Keeping on top of roof maintenance is essential to avoiding major repairs to the rest of your house. At Ridgeline Exteriors, we know the importance of maintaining your roof to protecting your home and family. If you need experienced and professional Maine roofers, you need Ridgeline Exteriors.


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