Don’t Damage Your Roof with Holiday Decor

The holiday season is approaching, which means it’s time to decorate our homes! While colored lights and interactive displays are visually pleasing, taking the proper safety precautions is essential. Our Maine roofers at Ridgeline Exteriors are here to give some advice on how to hang decorations from your roof.


Prepare in Advance

Make a game plan of the process and where you intend to start first, and ensure there are no electric decorations near powerlines. Using an external portable outdoor circuit, in this case, is vital. Consider detangling and wrapping your lights up properly so you can easily secure them onto your roof. This will prevent any tangles that can potentially cause you to endure any accidental injuries. Save some time and effort by plugging in your lights beforehand to see if there are any that are faulty.


Don’t Decorate Alone

There are many reasons to have help when decorating your roof, but the main precaution here is safety. It’s important to work with at least one other person. They can help you with things like handing you items and ensuring your safety on the ladder. An extra person might even help to spot any issues you may not be able to see while working on the ladder.


Watch Where You Hang Your Lights

Avoid hanging lights or decorations on any shingles. By doing this, you’re creating holes in the shingles which can result in water damage in the future. A better alternative is to use clips that hang off the gutters. Command strips are a great choice and offer a selection of options for outdoor decoration.


Hire Professionals

Sometimes, decorating can be more of a task than we realize it is, and can benefit from professional help. Though hiring someone to do the work can be pricey, it can save us money from damages in the long run.


Rely on Our Maine Roofers for Your Service Needs.

This isn’t a complete list of precautions to take while decorating your home. But these are some of the most essential ones to remember! If you’re looking for roof repairs to prepare for winter, look no further than Ridgeline Exteriors


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