Maine Roofers are Lowering Heating Costs

With a long winter drawing near, it’s safe to say that Mother Nature is anything but predictable. From ice storms to unprecedented warm days, what comes next is truly anyone’s guess. Because of the unpredictability it’s imperative to stay on top of home maintenance and repair needs, especially when your roof is concerned. For example, roof repair

As a team of expert Maine roofers, services from Ridgeline Exteriors can potentially save you hundreds of dollars every month in heating costs. Here, we have compiled a list to help you better understand why caring for your roof is essential in New England.


Yes, heat does rise.

If you’re looking to lower heating costs, one of the best starting points is to consider where your heat is directed. And, yes, it’s true that heat rises. So, if you have an old deteriorated or damaged roof, it’s safe to assume that most of your heat is escaping through it. Roof repair or replacement addresses this concern and provides the needed solution.


Considering your insulation.

Another area of concern is the amount of and location of the insulation in the home. Every roof requires an added layer of interior insulation. This extra layer further helps to maximize your heating efficiency. Although many homeowners think attic insulation is sufficient, there is still potential for your heat to escape.


Damaged or deteriorated shingles.

Regardless of how well you care for your roof, shingles will eventually need replacing. Whether damaged, lifted, or missing, less than perfect shingles create an area for heat to escape. Further, you are also exposing your home to nature’s elements. Issues such as moisture, ice, and even damaging UV rays can affect not only your heating and cooling bills but also the integrity of your home’s structure.


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While preventative maintenance is a must with roofs, sometimes roof repair is inevitable. This is especially true if your heating bill is experiencing a drastic increase during the cold New England months. If your bill is on the rise, it may be time to give the number one team of Maine roofers a call.

At Ridgeline Exteriors, we’re happy to schedule an appointment to assess the current condition of your roof. From there, our experienced experts will provide you with an array of honest solutions to remedy the problem, while keeping your budget at the forefront.

Contact Ridgeline today and get your roof on track for the winter ahead (207) 432-0810.