Kennebunk Roofing Companies Talk Winter Snow Removal

As winter is bound to bring layers of snow, the weight that accumulates on your roof can pose potential risks. Safely removing snow from your roof is crucial to prevent structural damage, leaks, and other hazards. That’s why this month, one of your favorite Kennebunk roofing companies is here with a beginner’s guide on safely removing snow to ensure your home and family are secure throughout the winter months.

Safety First

Before you step outside to tackle the snow on your roof, make sure to prioritize safety. Dress in layers, wear slip-resistant boots, and use a safety harness if you’re planning to climb onto the roof. Make sure someone is aware of what you’re doing, and consider having a spotter to assist you.

Assess the Situation

Begin by evaluating the amount of snow on your roof. Excessive snow accumulation can lead to a heavy load that your roof might not be able to bear. If you’re unsure about the structural integrity, consult a professional before attempting to remove the snow.

Choose the Right Tools

Before you start cleaning up your roof, it’s important to invest in the proper tools for snow removal. A snow rake with a long handle is effective for pulling snow off the roof from ground level. Ensure the rake has a non-abrasive edge to prevent damage to your roof shingles. If you need to access the roof directly, a roof snow removal tool with a telescoping handle might be necessary.

Start from the Edges

When using a snow rake, start removing snow from the edges of the roof and work your way inward. This prevents an excessive load from accumulating at the eaves, reducing the risk of ice dams. Be cautious not to damage gutters or roofing materials during this process.

Avoid Ice Dam Formation

Ice dams occur when melted snow refreezes at the eaves, creating a barrier that prevents proper drainage. To prevent ice dams, keep your attic well-insulated to minimize heat transfer to the roof. Additionally, remove snow before it has a chance to melt and refreeze.


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