Corrugated Vs. Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Many homeowners are opting to replace their asphalt shingles with metal roofing systems. There are many reasons why metal roofing is becoming more popular, but not all metal roofing is the same. The two most common types of metal roofing systems are corrugated metal and standing seam metal roofing. At Ridgeline Exteriors, we want our customers to have all the information they need before making a decision about their roof.

To ensure that you know everything you need about metal roofing, let’s look at the differences between corrugated and standing seam metal roofing.


The Look

The most obvious difference between corrugated and standing seam metal roofing is the way that it looks. Corrugated metal is shaped into alternating ridges and grooves. The depth and spacing of those ridges and grooves vary depending on the manufacturer and purpose of the metal. Typically, the corrugated metal used for roofing has some variation in the depth of the ridges and grooves to make it more attractive. Standing seam roofing, on the other hand, is flat between the seams.


The Design

The next major difference between the two roofing systems is the design. Corrugated roofing is made up of interlocking sheets. Depending on the size and shape of the roof, one sheet may not reach from the peak of the roof to the eave. The design of a standing seam roof, however, uses specially cut panels. They span the height of each section of the roof.


The Fasteners

The final thing that separates corrugated and standing seam roofing systems is the way the pieces are fastened together. Roofers fasten corrugated metal sheets directly to the roof sheathing, and the screws remain exposed. The construction of standing seams roofs is cleaner and more sophisticated. The seams stand up (hence the name) from the roof’s surface and conceal and protect the fasteners. This is what gives standing seam roofs their streamlined look that you just can’t get with corrugated roofing.


Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Both styles of roofing have their pros and cons, but there is a reason why standing seam metal roofing is more popular than corrugated metal. If you’re considering installing a metal roof on your home, our team at Ridgeline Exteriors are the Maine roofing experts to call.


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