Commercial Exterior Services in Sanford, ME


The exterior of your business not only protects what is inside from the elements, but it also makes an impression on customers or associates who are entering the building. Just like with any building, your business’s exterior must stand up to the elements. Your commercial property houses your company’s assets and if the exterior systems fall into disrepair it could cost you money in lost inventory or damaged equipment. Ridgeline Exteriors makes it easy to have attractive and effective windows, siding, gutters and roofs. We have been a trusted provider of exterior installations and repairs since 2011. For more information about commercial roofing solutions visit our Roofing Experts page. Call (207) 432-0810 today to speak to a member of our trusted team!

Commercial Siding

Commercial buildings sport a variety of different siding options, but they all share a common function: to protect what is inside from forces and elements on the outside. Ridgeline Exteriors helps maintain, repair and replace siding of all kinds. Our crews will complete their tasks quickly with minimal interruption to business operations.

Commercial Windows

Windows are very important to commercial space. They allow clean natural light into the space and welcome visitors or customers in from the outside. Ridgeline Exteriors repairs and installs new windows for many commercial clients. We offer a variety of styles including:

  • Picture Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Transform Windows
  • Stationary Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows

Each type of window fulfills a certain purpose or fits into a certain kind of space. We offer a variety of framing materials and shapes, so you can pick out exactly what you want. If your commercial property is in need of window repair or replacement, call us at (207) 432-0810.


Gutters are instrumental in preventing leaks or other types of water damage which can be extremely costly. If they are broken or not functioning properly water can seep in and may cause mold to start growing. Water should travel down the gutters and out away from the foundation of the building. If it is not it could start to wear away at the foundation or soil around the building. If you notice or suspect any problems with your gutters, call us at (207) 432-0810!