What You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Systems

Commercial Roofing Calls For Strict Maintenance That Is Often Overlooked By Building Owners.How much do you know about your building’s commercial roof system? Many commercial building owners can forget about the maintenance their roof needs, due to their busy schedules, but it is essential that you make roof maintenance a priority. Because commercial buildings are designed in a specific way that can make the roofing susceptible to particular damages, leaving the roof un-maintained can lead to severe problems in a short amount of time. These issues can include sagging areas that allow water to pool, and even mold and mildew growth, but many issues can be stopped with regular maintenance.

With increased energy efficiency, as well sample storage area for system control units, it is no surprise that so many commercial buildings utilize flat and low slope roof systems. If your building’s roofing is applied by an inexperienced contractor, your system may fall apart or need an early replacement, so it is essential to choose an experienced roofer for the project. If your roof is in need of a new installation, be sure to choose an experienced roofer that follows industry standard practices for all of their services.

Count On Us

Your commercial roof plays and essential role in the longevity of your roof, so you need experts you can trust with its care. Our roofers have plenty of different techniques for repairing commercial roofs, such as the popular roof coating technique. Due to traits that make roof coatings easy to apply, and proficient at stopping leaks, this method is a customer favorite. An alternate technique to repairing your roofing is avoiding damage in the first place, with consistent maintenance and inspections.

If you’re looking for professional and experienced commercial roof repair or installation, call us today at (207) 432-0810. We work hard to be the commercial roofing experts that this city can rely on.

The Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

Roof by Ridgeline ExteriorsIn 2017, many different options for roofing materials exist. Still, the traditional favorite, the asphalt shingle, remains one of the most popular on the market. If you are a homeowner in in the Sanford, ME area, and are looking for asphalt shingles installation, you should call Ridgeline Exteriors at (207) 432-0810. We are the the top roof installation company in Kennebunk, ME, Wells, ME, and surrounding areas. In the meantime, check out these benefits of asphalt shingles:


When you combine low cost material with a sustainable, long-lasting lifespan, you have one of the most affordable roofing materials on the market. Not only are you saving money upfront with the initial cost, but you are saving yourself years of unnecessary maintenance, repairs, and eventually; replacement. In addition, the installation process of this roofing type is the most simple and affordable one on the market.


Most would agree that the durability of a roofing material is a major factor. Since asphalt roofs generally last upwards of 15-30 years, the lifespan indicates extreme durability. Maintenance is typically avoided with asphalt shingles, and when a severe storm does cause damage, the repair process is simple and affordable.


For homeowners who value decor and presentation, the flexibility of asphalt shingles is a major plus. This roofing material comes in a plethora of different colorstexturesstyles, and designs. The term custom has never been more relevant than when speaking about asphalt roofing. Find the perfect fit for your home’s exterior. Call (207) 432-0810 for asphalt shingles installation in Sanford, MEKennebunk, MEWells, ME, and surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Seamless Gutters

As a homeowner, you know that your gutter protects your home and roof from water and weather damage. However, no one enjoys cleaning their gutters 3 times per year or replacing worn out, cracked, or punctured pieces. With seamless gutters, you no longer need to!


Less Maintenance

Seamless gutters are made on site for the perfect fit to your home. Therefore, they only need to be attached together at corners. This means that there are no more seams for leaves, dirt, and other debris to catch on, freeing up your gutter system and your maintenance routine.

No More Leaks

Roofers create traditional gutter systems using seals where pieces come together. Over time, even the best seals come apart, causing your gutters to leak and come apart from the home. With a seamless gutter system, there are fewer seams to break, leading to a substantial decrease in leaking. Alos, with fewer seams to separate, your gutters will stay firmly attached to your home, allowing for optimal water flow.


Seamless gutters can add value to your home as well as making it more pleasing to look at. These gutter systems are available in multiple colors to match any home paint job and resist cracking, rusting, and wear.

While traditional gutters aren’t going anywhere soon, seamless gutters are taking over in the efficiency category. Seamless gutter systems can not only add value and beauty to your home, but save you money in repairs, maintenance, and materials in the long run. Call the Ridgeline Exteriors experts today to discuss your seamless gutter options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siding

House-Siding-BlogAre you interested in adding siding to your home, or replacing your existing siding? We are often asked many questions about residential siding options, so we decided to take a moment to write out some of our most frequently asked questions, along with the answers!

What is the most popular color choice?

When it comes to choosing a color for siding, there isn’t a single color that is considered the most popular. Generally, we like to present siding colors that match the brick areas of the home, as well as the neighboring houses and environment. We typically find that siding choices that blend in well with the surrounding environment add a customized and personalized look, but the biggest deciding factor should be based on what you like most.

Is replacing my siding going to be expensive?

The cost of a siding installation or replacement is going to vary depending on the type of siding, the materials uses, and the amount of work required. The prices are dependent on many factors, so to get an accurate price, we will first need all of the facts!

How do I take care of my siding?

As a general rule, siding requires a minimal amount of maintenance. However, like any exterior part of your home, it will need some. If you have vinyl siding, you will want to power wash it when it looks dirty, and if you have fiber cement siding, you may need to repaint it every decade or so!

If you have additional questions about our siding services, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (207) 432-0810 to get started!

Signs You Need New Rain Gutters

Cleaning the rain gutter during autumn, horizontal

Cleaning the rain gutter during autumn, horizontal

Rain gutters perform an invaluable function for homes. In their absence, rainfall can freely gather around your house to undermine the foundation or even flood the lowest floor. Like all components of a house, gutters will eventually need replacement. To know if the time has come for your own gutters, look for the following signs.

Cracks or Holes

If your gutters have cracks, holes, or have become separated at the seams, they need replacement. These issues disrupt the natural flow of water down the gutters, and provides an exit point for water to pool around your home.

Sagging or Separation

An even more serious issue, sagging occurs due to excess debris. As debris collects in your gutters, it creates a dam that traps water within a certain spot. Over time, the weight of the water will cause your gutters to sag. Gutters that have lost fasteners or nails can actually separate from the roof. At this point, your gutters can no longer fulfill their function.

Peeling Paint and Rust

Gutters get treated with weather-resistant paint. If the paint has begun to peel, it may indicate gutters that have become too old. If your gutters have begun to show rust, then they’ve been compromised to water. Aside from an impact on their functionality, these two problems create eyesores for your home.

At Ridgeline Exteriors, we can both service and replace your old gutters. A new gutter system not only protects your home, but can complement its design. For any question about rain gutters in Sanford, ME, give us a call today at (207) 432-0810.