Signs You Need New Rain Gutters

Cleaning the rain gutter during autumn, horizontal

Cleaning the rain gutter during autumn, horizontal

Rain gutters perform an invaluable function for homes. In their absence, rainfall can freely gather around your house to undermine the foundation or even flood the lowest floor. Like all components of a house, gutters will eventually need replacement. To know if the time has come for your own gutters, look for the following signs.

Cracks or Holes

If your gutters have cracks, holes, or have become separated at the seams, they need replacement. These issues disrupt the natural flow of water down the gutters, and provides an exit point for water to pool around your home.

Sagging or Separation

An even more serious issue, sagging occurs due to excess debris. As debris collects in your gutters, it creates a dam that traps water within a certain spot. Over time, the weight of the water will cause your gutters to sag. Gutters that have lost fasteners or nails can actually separate from the roof. At this point, your gutters can no longer fulfill their function.

Peeling Paint and Rust

Gutters get treated with weather-resistant paint. If the paint has begun to peel, it may indicate gutters that have become too old. If your gutters have begun to show rust, then they’ve been compromised to water. Aside from an impact on their functionality, these two problems create eyesores for your home.

At Ridgeline Exteriors, we can both service and replace your old gutters. A new gutter system not only protects your home, but can complement its design. For any question about rain gutters in Sanford, ME, give us a call today at (207) 432-0810.