Frequently Asked Questions About Siding

House-Siding-BlogAre you interested in adding siding to your home, or replacing your existing siding? We are often asked many questions about residential siding options, so we decided to take a moment to write out some of our most frequently asked questions, along with the answers!

What is the most popular color choice?

When it comes to choosing a color for siding, there isn’t a single color that is considered the most popular. Generally, we like to present siding colors that match the brick areas of the home, as well as the neighboring houses and environment. We typically find that siding choices that blend in well with the surrounding environment add a customized and personalized look, but the biggest deciding factor should be based on what you like most.

Is replacing my siding going to be expensive?

The cost of a siding installation or replacement is going to vary depending on the type of siding, the materials uses, and the amount of work required. The prices are dependent on many factors, so to get an accurate price, we will first need all of the facts!

How do I take care of my siding?

As a general rule, siding requires a minimal amount of maintenance. However, like any exterior part of your home, it will need some. If you have vinyl siding, you will want to power wash it when it looks dirty, and if you have fiber cement siding, you may need to repaint it every decade or so!

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