4 Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

If you have been looking into replacing your roof, you have come across standing seam metal roofing. We understand if you balked at the price, but there’s a reason for it. Standing seam metal roofs are some of the best out there. At Ridgeline Exteriors, we install all types of roofing systems. In the last few years, metal roofs have been gaining popularity. Here are three reasons why our customers love their standing seam metal roofs and why you will, too.



Replacing a roof is expensive, no matter what kind of roof you choose. But what if you were practically guaranteed never to have to do it again? If you purchase standing seam metal roofing, that just might be the case. Metal roofs are expected to last at least 30 years. If they are well-maintained and properly installed, they can last up to 50 years. While a standing seam metal roof is the most expensive option—the national average is $29,000—it’s not a purchase you’ll have to make twice.



Another way a metal roof will save you money in the long run is by reducing energy costs. A metal roof provides excellent insulation in the winter and can save you 40% in energy costs. While metal roofing keeps your home warmer in the winter, it also keeps it cooler in the summer. Metal is reflective and can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays back and away from your house. By contrast, asphalt shingles absorb heat. They can be 50-60 hotter than the ambient temperature.



Metal roofing is not only resistant to the sun, it can take the wind and snow, too. Snow slides easily off a metal roof and the roof sheds snow quickly. When the snow doesn’t stay piled on top of the roof, it protects its structural integrity. Metal roofing is also rated against wind speeds up to 140 miles per hour.



Your roof takes up a lot of space. Visually, it is one of the most striking features of your home. While asphalt shingles only come in so many colors, metal roofing comes in several color options and can be painted almost any color. Custom colors may add to the price, but there are so many standard color options to choose from, you may not even need to consider it. You will have no problem finding a color that complements your home and landscaping. Also, because standing seam metal roofing has no visible fasteners, it gives your roof a clean, elegant look.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing from Ridgeline Exteriors

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